Lokahi for Harmony and Balance

Life Balance, that’s the goal for 2021. It’s easy to get caught up in the passion and drive required when owning a business. However, there are many tasks involved, and it’s essential to enjoy life simultaneously. Travel is a part of that enjoyment for me. 

After the year that we just experienced, I am looking forward to traveling again. Tentatively, I am planning a backcountry camping trip with two friends in the Trinity Alps in Northern California. I’d also like to take my youngest daughter, Adelynn, on an excursion as I have done with my two older daughters. This has been an opportunity to improve our relationships and create lifelong memories. 

The pandemic has taught me to value our ability to travel and enjoy what Mother Nature has provided to us for healing, connection, and regaining balance with the opportunity to explore our true purpose. Through engaging with the world is an important outward experience, I’ve found that going inward is just as important — balance. 

That’s why I am exploring new types of meditation this year. I found a product called, Inner Balance which provides feedback through an app on your smartphone. It involves a cable attachment to your earlobe that reads your ability to connect with your heart. They call it convergence, and you get the analysis for how long you want to do the meditation.

Keeping a balance in life is difficult since technology is always calling out to us in the form of emails and notifications. It’s easy to get distracted throughout the day. I’ve learned it’s essential to take a few minutes each day to do nothing else but mindfully breathing. It can go a long way in supporting balance to improve your quality of life.