Message from greenteaHAWAII President Feb. 2021

My mission for greenteaHAWAII this year consists of growing awareness of our products worldwide and expanding our reach online. The reasons are multifaceted. First, I believe we have a product that can truly help improve people’s quality of life. You may wonder what I mean, exactly. Our ingredients have been researched in Western medicine for many years, and these ingredients have proven health benefits. In the far Eastern regions of the world, people have known this for thousands of years. I want to share this with you, and especially because our formulation eliminates the bitter taste of green tea and the pungent taste of noni fruit. In other words, you can enjoy these ingredients with added nootropic benefit, and it actually tastes refreshing. 

Secondly, I want to focus our company on giving back. We announced this at the beginning of the year, and we have decided to focus our efforts on supporting youth that has been displaced due to the loss of loved ones. I am partnering with an Oahu-based non-profit, Kids Hurt Too Hawaii-Healing Young Hearts, to dedicate 1% of product sales to help the foundation’s mission and its projects. I believe if you positively encourage a child that they are in charge of their destiny, you have not only improved their lives but also your community and our society as a whole. Too many people get lost after having difficult life experiences, but every day is a new opportunity to live in gratitude.

Lastly, I’d like to explore the possibility to expand into new retail market stores in a single-serving capacity. This includes convenience stores, gas stations, and truck stops. On-the-go consumers should have a healthy alternative to energy drinks and sodas, and I believe our water-soluble supplement tea is a perfect choice! 


Chris Boling
Owner & President